Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat's romantic rain dance!

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Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat's romantic rain dance! Empty Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat's romantic rain dance!

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Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat's romantic rain dance! ZC1_9-khus-phuss

Never Loose Hope' seems to be the statement that actor and contestant Ajaz Khan of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7 which airs on Colors, follows.

Ajaz Khan who has entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry, has throughout entertained the audience with his funny jokes, songs that he keeps humming and above all his sense of humor. Well continuing to walk on the same path we will see some more entertainment in the coming week too.

We have earlier seen in the show that Ajaz Khan was truly and madly in love with Gauhar Khan in the Bigg Boss house. But he had to make way for Kushal Tandon once he re-entered the show since Gauhar Khan already had a soft corner for him and they told Ajaz to limit himself to being friends only.

Now there is a twist to this love triangle since after Kushal and Gauhar's confession for their love for each other which left Ajaz Khan heartbroken it was Sofia who tried to comfort him. They seem to have got close to each other and Ajaz is now flirting with Sofia in the house. His gestures and talks with Sofia have now changed and he seems to have become more close to her.

Well whether these talks are just for gaining footage or whether it is real we don't know yet but the couple share a comfort level is obvious! It seems that viewers may just get to see a romantic dance between Ajaz and Sofia in one of the upcoming episode. Our reliable source informs us, "There were sudden rains in Lonavala last evening, and Ajaz took advantage of the beautiful weather. He started singing a romantic number and enjoyed a rain soaked moment during the rain dance with Sofia. The romantic dance did not seem less then any movie scene happening."

After hearing this, we wonder if Ajaz has started liking Sofia or is it just another chance to grab footage? Well, only time can tell!


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