Will Salman Khan quit Bigg Boss?

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Will Salman Khan quit Bigg Boss? Empty Will Salman Khan quit Bigg Boss?

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Will Salman Khan quit Bigg Boss? Salman

And the eternal question is…will he quit or not?
Salman Khan, the superstar and the dabanng hero, is the host of Bigg Boss airing on Colors (produced by Endemol India). He has been anchoring the series from the last couple of seasons, but the current outing (season 7), has gripped him with threads of controversy.
From him being called a biased anchor (Kushal-Tanisha episode), to being alleged of arm twisting the production house and channel to have his way in terms of happenings of the show, Salman on and off, repeatedly, has faced public brunt over his conduct in the show (both on and off screen).
Fans even went on to rebuke him on Twitter for his not so affable attitude on Bigg Boss and in response, the ‘do whatever you want man’ Khan, retorted saying “if you want to watch BB7 watch or else don’t watch”.
Salman’s response might sound a bit arrogant, but one must agree that he is a host with a difference. The manner in which he conducts himself actually makes the show more gripping and intriguing.
However, given the controversial, voyeuristic and aggressive content, anyone associated with the project has to face the music, be it for good or bad.
Now the shocker…
Media has reported that Salman has been troubled by all the remarks and comments against him and he might quit as the host after this season of Bigg Boss.
And he has been making suggestive remarks about it on the show as well.
During yesterday’s episode, while Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan made an appearance to promote their film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, after Salman teased Kareena, she said smilingly that she will not come in the show’s next season. To which Salman stated (laughing), “Next season I might also not be here”.
Hmm…though the comment was made in jest it did raise many eyebrows.
So what happens if Salman actually calls it quits after this season? Will you still watch the show? If yes, then who should come in as a replacement?


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