Gaurav Chopra ready for a Swayamvar!

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 Gaurav Chopra ready for a Swayamvar! Empty Gaurav Chopra ready for a Swayamvar!

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gaurav Chopra has had many relationships in the past and is known to be very open about them. However, the RPR of Uttaran now feels that it is time to settle down. Without taking any names he talks about how romantic he is, what he feels after a break-up, why he is still friends with his ex-girlfriends, and his plans of getting married soon.

Here is Gaurav Chopra unplugged...

My mother is planning a Swayamvar - "Some months back I went to Delhi after a long time. It was for Rakshabandhan celebrations and my relatives who had gathered started asking me about my plans to settle down. When my mom too joined in pressurizing me about it I told them to go ahead and find a suitable girl for me and that's when they got all excited and decided to have a Swayamvar for me which was obviously a joke but they in reality they all are wondering as to why a person like me who is single, successful, doing good for himself is not getting married!"

I am currently single - "I am not going around with anyone at the moment. I have become blank about love and very tired because it is a bit cumbersome. I had my first girlfriend at the age of 17 and now I am 34 so I don't want to go through the same again so I am taking it a little easy."

Each time someone goes away a part of your soul is lost - "Many people think I am a big flirt which is not completely false except that there are feelings involved. Every time there is a breakup and each time someone goes away they take with them a part of your soul too and you have to bandage your heart. So I am not as colorful as people think I am."

I love women - "I love women and they seem to have the same feelings for me. I get along with them all. I find them to be beautiful, talented and creative and I treat them in a way they like. The affection is mutual and its not a big deal to be with them."

I never have to ask women out - "Surprisingly, I have never had to ask anyone out or propose to them formally. Woh baat apne aap se hee ho jaati hai. Right from when I was young, I have noticed this thing that I never have to woo a girl desperately. They seem to easily fall for my charm."
have never felt like going back to any of my girlfriends - "Each of my relationship has broken up at a point when it had to, I never felt like going back to the same person after break-up. I might contemplate it in between the break-up and the next relationship but not after I get into a new relationship."

I treat every girl of mine with respect - "When somebody becomes my girl she becomes the centre of everything. I am a very intense, passionate person and have no frivolous relationships. Even my temporary relationships are very deep. I treat every girl, every woman who comes in my life as my girlfriend as someone very special. I have an elder sister whom I address as 'tu' but my girlfriends are always 'aap'. That courtesy, that tehzeeb is a special trait which I am proud of."

Yes, I am a romantic - "And, I have been told that I am a chhupa rustom when it comes to romance. There is a side to me that comes out when I'm in love... a secret side. I have no plans, no decision... it just happens."

I am friends with my ex's - "I make an attempt to be a friend with my ex-girlfriends. It is not very natural for girls to accept that since lot of girls try to get out of the relationships by having a fight. They need an ambience of a fight to end the relationship. There is a fine line between the feelings of affection between a girlfriend and a boyfriend. There is expression and pain and the feeling reduces gradually when they both move on. My thinking is if somebody has not hurt you, cheated on you, stabbed you then why not keep in touch? Since I don't make many friends, my girlfriend becomes my best friend and I am happy with it. I feel that if till yesterday I shared my most intimate things with you so why can't we interact now? Does the level of closeness have to diminish?"

My ideal life partner - "As per my mom she wants a girl who is elegant looking, aware of her surroundings, sensible and intelligent. She wants that the girl likes to live healthy and for me I should get a partner to support and love and understand. She wants us to like each other in every way and I agree to most of the things that my mother says she wants in the girl I should get married to."

I might get convinced for a Swayamvar on TV - "I don't think I am ok with having a swayamvar on TV as of now... but you never know if there are people who can convince me of everything then I just might do it! I am not comfortable now but the creative have a way of convincing so I might get convinced too!"

I don't mind going on a blind date - "I don't mind going on a blind date, why not? It depends on who is organizing the blind date as that person should also know what kind of person you would want to go on a date with. However, I don't think I will be more than excited about whether it is just a date or a blind date. I will just go with the flow and try to live up to the expectations but in return not expect anything. I believe that the charm is in keeping the secrets intact."


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