Nikhil to gift Laajo a cell phone in Life OK's Gustakh Dil

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Nikhil to gift Laajo a cell phone in Life OK's Gustakh Dil

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:42 am

The audiences have been witnessing a lot of sweet and romantic moments between Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) in Life OK’s Gustakh Dil wherein Laajo keeps getting angry and Nikhil pacifies her as a friend.
Well, now the good news is that the audiences will witness a lot more sweet moments in the upcoming episodes of this show. One of which will be of Nikhil gifting Laajo a cell phone.
As seen so far, Laajo keeps using other people’s phone as she does not own one. Hence, Nikhil will make it a point to buy her a cellular device.
This is not it as he will also go on to teach her how to use it, specially clicking pics with the phone camera. The couple will be seen calling each other and also clicking pictures of one another.
This techy plot will unfold soon after the one focusing on Isha (Nikhil’s elder sister) culminates.
As seen, Isha’s ex-fiancée Sid wants to take revenge from her family for calling off his engagement with Isha. Thus, he will be seen taking Isha out where he will try raping her but Laajo will learn about the same on time and ask Nikhil to save his sister.
When contacted Sana she said, “Yes, Nikhil will gift Laajo a cell phone and from here on, the audiences will witness better chemistry and bonding between them.”
Keep reading this space for more updates on Gustakh Dil!!!


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