Aashka Goradia files police complaint against her ex Manager for bank forgery

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Aashka Goradia files police complaint against her ex Manager for bank forgery

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:25 am

Aashka Goradia is not in a good mood. Why? The ever effervescent lady has been duped of thousands of rupees.
Yes, this Bigg Boss star currently seen in Maharana Pratap was shocked to learn that her ex Manager, named Gangadhar, stole her accommodation rental cheques and credited them in his own account, as per initial reports coming in.
A friend close to the actress said, “Aashka was working with this guy called Gangadhar. Now four months back she and Rohit (her boyfriend) were travelling and she gave Gangadhar the rent cheques-four cheques to the tune of Rs 1,20,000. As she did not know the exact name and spelling of the landlord’s mother (on whose name cheques are drawn), she made the cheques non bearer, wrote the amount and signed. Gangadhar told he will give them to the landlord. Then both Aashka and Rohit got busy travelling for their shoots and events. One day her landlord said he did not receive a single cheque which left Aashka shocked.”
She continues, “She called up Gangadhar and asked him about the payment. He said he misplaced them and was too scared to inform about it. Aashka trusted him and asked him to let go. She again made fresh rent payments issuing new cheques. Now after that Gangadhar suddenly turned up and said he wanted to part ways with Aashka and Rohit as he had some personal problems. They let him go. Later Aashka got back to back smses which showed Rs 60000 got debited from her account. She checked with the bank and found out that Gangadhar had made an account transfer. She realized what had happened and filed a police complaint last Friday (8 November 2013) at the Oshiwara Police Station.”
When we got in touch with Aashka, she did agree that a complaint has been filed but chose not to comment any further as the issue was sub-judice.
The same source added, “Aashka and Rohit will meet the cops again tomorrow to figure out how things will shape up. Meanwhile, Gangadhar has kept his mobile switched off.”
Noted filmmaker Ashok Pandit helped Aashka in doing the necessary official arrangements post the alleged forgery.


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