Meethi to get shot in Colors' Uttaran

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Meethi to get shot in Colors' Uttaran Empty Meethi to get shot in Colors' Uttaran

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Meethi to get shot in Colors' Uttaran Tina

Rathore (Gaurav Chopraa) is trying to be the cute cupid on Colors’ Uttaran (FilmFarm India) but Agarth (Girija Shankar) is being the demon here.
As seen so far he wants to take Akash’s (Mrunal Jain) life thus, he reaches the Thakur house during Vishnu (Ajay Chaudhary) and Mukta’s (Sreejita De) engagement ceremony and fires a bullet at Akash.
But the big question here is will Akash breathe his last?
Well the creatives have weaved in an interesting storyline to pump up their decent going ratings. Here how it goes … Agarth will aim his gun at Akash but Meethi (Tina Dutta) will notice it and push Akash away to get hit in return. Everything will come to a standstill with Meethi falling on the floor but, this is definitely not mark an end to the drama.
She will be rushed to the hospital where she will fight for life while Akash will pray for her well being.
When contacted Mrunal he said, “As seen in the promos the bullet will be shot at me but, what happens after that is something for the viewers to watch.”
Keep reading this space for more updates…


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