Meghna and Shaurya take a 360 degree turn, want to accept Jhanvi in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka

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Meghna and Shaurya take a 360 degree turn, want to accept Jhanvi in Colors' Sasural Simar Ka

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:13 am

The build-up to the major drama during the wedding of Shaurya (Rohit Khurana) has commenced in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions. With everyone present realizing that it is Jhanvi (Falaq Naaz) and not Roli aka Sonia (Avika Gor) dressed as the bride, Shaurya will be furious and will want to drag Jhanvi out of the place.
And this is when the cat will be out of the bag!! Roli will immediately stop Shaurya and reveal their entire plan to Meghna (Shikha Singh). She will tell them that she pretended to be Sonia Oberoi only to teach them a lesson. But things got spoilt at the last minute since Jhanvi did not want to seek divorce from Shaurya.
However, Meghna and Shaurya will refuse to believe anything of what Roli says. This is when Jhanvi will play Shaurya’s confession about their marriage that she had recorded in his room. With the truth out, the invitees and everyone gathered will speak ill of Meghna and her double-standard attitude. The special guest of Meghna, who is the CM (who has guaranteed a seat for Meghna) will also talk against Meghna. This will be when Meghna will take a U-turn which will surprise the viewers.
A reliable source tells us that Meghna will slap Shaurya and tell everyone that she did not realize that her brother could stoop to such an extent and ruin a girl’s life. She will plead innocence before the CM and tell him that she never knew of Shaurya’s deeds before she heard the tape. She will tell her brother that she is ashamed to have a brother like him. When the Bharadwaj family will be about to leave after all the drama, Shaurya will all of a sudden fall on Jhanvi’s feet asking for forgiveness. He will tell her that his sister’s reaction made him a better man and he will now go ahead and marry Jhanvi and keep her happy. This will further shock the Bharadwaj family. Shaurya in a romantic style will even propose to Jhanvi, and when Jhanvi is about to give her hand in acceptance to Shaurya’s proposal, the Bharadwaj family will stop her from taking the decision.
Will Shaurya be able to convince the Bharadwaj family to marry Jhanvi? Will Shaurya and Jhanvi unite? Are the feelings of Shaurya and Meghna genuine?
We tried contacting Shikha Singh as well as Falaq, but they remained unavailable.
Catch all the exciting twists and turns in Sasural Simar Ka!!!


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