Lovebirds Kushal and Gauahar out of Bigg Boss season 7…sources say they will soon make a comeback

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Lovebirds Kushal and Gauahar out of Bigg Boss season 7…sources say they will soon make a comeback

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:02 am
This season of Bigg Boss (Colors) is turning out to be superbly intriguing. And the epicenter of all the masala is TV heartthrob Kushal Tandon.
Last Saturday, Salman Khan and Kushal entered into a spat over the former’s alleged bad behavior with co contestant Tanisha Mukherjee.
When Salman was shooting verbal bullets at Kushal, Kushal’s sweetheart Gauahar Khan also got embroiled into the entire mess.
Now, as per reports coming in, Andy blurted out some pinchy sentences against Gauahar, making her extremely upset.
When she confronted Andy, she broke down. Seeing his distressed damsel, Kushal pounced on Andy and held him by his throat.
The aggressive act miffed Bigg Boss to such an extent that he decided to send truant and brat Kushal out of the house.
So much drama…but it does not end here…
While Kushal was packing his bags, Gauahar also decided to leave the house as she was heard saying, “What would I do in the house without Kushal?”
Oh…so much it for real or for the camera?
Now before publishing the article when we checked with our source, he/she confirmed that Kushal and Gauahar were not seen in the house.
“But many said that they could be sent to the caravan area. But they are not there as well,” added the source.
As per media reports, Kushal and Gauahar at this point of time are holed up at a hotel in Lonavla (are they sharing the same room…wink wink).
The same source also shared, “The production house (Endemol India) is currently deciding what is to be done with the two.
But the act will certainly get the show a lot of eyeballs. For Kushal, even if he is out of the show he will be paid for he was asked to go. Gauahar shot at her foot as she won’t be paid a penny as the contract says that at any point of time if someone goes out at will, he or she has to forfeit all remuneration.”
So does this mean Gauahar and Kushal are really out? “Ahh…not really. They are two powerful players. Pooja Misrra and Imam Siddiqui also went out in earlier seasons, only to make an apology and get back in the show. I think something similar will happen with Gauahar and Kushal.”
Whatever be it, the show is turning out to be super interesting.


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