Shama Sikander rejects Bigg Boss wild card offer

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Shama Sikander rejects Bigg Boss wild card offer

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:43 am

Beautiful and curvaceous glam doll, Shama Sikander, in a conversation with shared that she has gone on to reject Bigg Boss wild card entry offer.
Yes, when there are many who would go to any lengths to feature in the above Colors’ series (produced by Endemol India), Shama prefers thinking otherwise.
“From the last five years I have been approached to be a part of the project. This year they called me to be a regular contestant and when I denied, they even gave me the option to enter the house as a wild card entry. But like every time, I denied this time also,” said the television diva who is seen in SAB TV’s Baal Veer.
So what is the reason for her apparent not-so-likeability for Bigg Boss? “It’s nothing of that sorts. I just can’t stand fights. My nature just does not fit the bill what is required to be in the house. Yes, money is lucrative in the project, but I can earn money via different means, for that I don’t have to compromise on my happiness quotient. I like being around positive people.”
Well Shama, everyone makes choices and as they say… to each his (read: her) own!!!


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