Pramad will not agree to divorce Kumud in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra

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Pramad will not agree to divorce Kumud in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:39 am

Saraswatichandra (Sphere Origins), the magnificent show on Star Plus, is currently on the peak with some highly interesting twists like Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi) knocking on the door of death and Kumud ( Jennifer Wingett) and Saras (Gautam Rode) trying to rekindle their love all over again.
Now the show is all set to entertain its audience with some more drama.
Saras, who could not inform Kumud about Pramad’s illness, will be shocked to see Kumud walk into the police station to meet Pramad. Although she will not believe in him initially, but seeing him spit blood, she will finally relent and also feel sad about him.
Back home, Kumud will be busy with Kusum’s (Shiny Doshi) engagement when she will get a call from Pramad’s parents that he is acting stubborn and is demanding that he will only take medicine from her hand. A confused Kumud will then take Saras along and as an act of humanity, serve medicine to Pramad and also request him to take medicines in time.
Kumud will soon get a letter by courier mentioning the date for the next hearing in her divorce case. But before she can react happily, on the day of Kusum’s engagement Pramad will turn on their door with gifts as a responsible brother-in-law. Though the family will be shocked but they will pretend to be normal to avoid any kind of drama.
As a source informs, “On the day of the hearing, Saras will ask Kumud’s hand for marriage from her parents to which they will all happily agree. On this Saras will be on cloud nine dreaming about his happy future with Kumud.”
But everything will turn upside down, when, in Court, Pramad will declare that he does not want a divorce from Kumud and is ready to do everything to help their marriage work. On this Kumud and her family will be left shell shocked.
So is this Pramad’ new trick? What will Kumud and Saras do now?
We called up Aanshul and Jennifer but both of them remained unavailable for comment.


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